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Allow up to 24 hours for your photo to be uploaded. After sharing to Facebook, save it to your device as it will auto delete from our system after 30 days.

  1. Enter in the image code that is printed on the bottom of  your large print and press “Find my photo”
  2. You will see your image preview, here you can choose to save it or share it to Facebook
  3. To save the photo press ” Save Photo “, the larger image file will pop up, you will now need to save this image as it doesn’t automatically download to your device. To save it on a computer right click the image and choose save as. On a phone, hold your finger on the image and choose save image.
  4. If you share to Facebook, we recommend that you also be sure to save it to a device. Facebook has changed the way photos are shared to their site from third party sites. So when the image auto deletes from our server, it will also delete from your Facebook wall, if you share it from our site.
  5. Please note, the image code is case sensitive and take care to use .JPG or .jpg where necessary